August 29, 2012

Labor & Delivery (Trip One of __)

I told myself I was done with any more medical episodes until D-Day. Obviously telling myself something isn't going to change my reality, and that was before I started experiencing multiple headaches preceded by blurry vision. While the headaches weren't too bad and I figured I was just experiencing minor migraines, I did have some concern since headaches and blurry vision are signs of preeclampsia, something I am more than cognizant of. Seth was firm that I call the OB. The OB wanted to see me.

So last Monday afternoon I met up with Seth at the OB (and here I was hoping for just one appointment in a given week). After the nurse took my blood pressure and it was measuring over 120, I was just about convinced I had preeclampsia even though I lacked sudden weight gain and excessive swelling symptoms. The OB then evaluated me, and since apparently their office doesn't have sensitive enough testing for preeclampsia, I was sent to labor and delivery.

At the hospital, it just so happened that my regular OB was there getting ready to perform a C-section. (I was glad I finally wouldn't have to explain all the previous stuff that has happened with me to yet another doctor.) I waved hello, and then was unexpectedly placed in my own labor and delivery room. The nurses had me suit up in a gown, give some blood and urine, and lay in a delivery bed while the baby was monitored for a good hour.  

Everything ended up coming back normal. I gratefully accepted a prescription pain medication from my OB should I get more headaches and was dismissed.

Third trip to the hospital. Check.

August 27, 2012

Waylon Jacob

On Saturday, August 4, the day of my Chicago shower, Seth's brother Nate and his wife Dana received news that the baby boy they were adopting was born. In fact, Dana got word in the middle of present opening after many attempts by Nate, Seth, and Jim to get hold of anyone attending the shower to alert Dana. Nate finally got through to Maria, and as soon as Maria relayed the news, Dana was on the phone with Nate and running out of the shower to cheers and clapping!

That evening, Nate and Dana flew to Houston. They met their new son the next morning. Here are some of the first pictures of the new family.

On Monday, the papers were signed. Then, the paperwork processing waiting game began. Everyone prayed for quick, and quick they received. What could have taken up to three weeks only took about five days; the new family of three was on their way back to Chicago the very next Saturday. 

Seth and I were knocking on their door on Sunday to meet our new baby nephew.

We are so ecstatic to welcome the first nephew/grandbaby on the Pietrini side to the family. And we love that our babies will be so close in age! 

August 23, 2012

Shower Part IV: Chicago

My final shower, thrown by my mother-in-law, took place on August 4 at The Grove Redfield Estate in Glenview. This historic site was incredible. Picturesque. Quaint. Perfect. 

Maria's sisters, Mary and Meredith, were in town for the event.

Grandma love!

The tables were adorned with baby pictures of Seth and me.

Amy Helms gave the devotional.

Little did Dana know it was here that she would receive news that her Waylon Jacob had been born!

The boys crashing the party.

Picture taking with my sister in the old historic home.

Thank you Maria for every detail of this shower. It was absolutely beautiful!

August 21, 2012

Shower Part III: Friends

Four years later, my maids are here for me again. Kendrick, Kate, Lindsey and Julie threw me a Sweet Pea Garden themed shower on July 29 atop the 4th floor terrace of my condo building. 

No garden themed shower is complete without a fruit baby carriage!

The party planners.

This game had my name written all over it! Two teams of players had to don a baby belly, place a scrabble tile between the knees, shimmy from Point A to Point B, and place the tile in the jar.

 So how big do you guesstimate my belly is?

Seth named Jenna winner of the "Draw a Baby" contest.

As I opened gifts, each of the girls shared their wishes for Baby Pea.

You girls made me feel so special! A big thanks to Linds, Kendrick, Kate and Julie (You were missed)!!

August 17, 2012

Chi Town Babymoon

Before the arrival of our baby girl, Seth and I planned a simple getaway to the city. Since is wasn't too long ago that we vacationed in Florida with my family and South Carolina with his, we kept our one last "hurrah" local. 

Our original "Babymoon" was supposed to take place July 7-8, but due to another unexpected trip to the emergency room, things got postponed to July 21-22.

Seth and I arrived by train into the city around noon. We checked into Hotel Sax and headed to the Taste of River North for some lunch.

After lunch and some walking around, we stopped into McDonald's to take a little rest. (Walking and humidity had caught up to this preggo.) While we cooled down at an empty table, I brought up our name dilemma. We were still stuck on the same two names since early in the pregnancy and I wanted to see if Seth had any new thoughts. Nope. We did start to talk about nicknames for each, but since neither name has a good one, nor a natural shortened name (there's a hint for ya), Seth said for one of the names he would probably just call our little girl by her first and middle name. When he affectionately said it, I started to cry. Now I don't know if I was simply emotional and on the verge of tears at any given trigger or if this was some sort of sign that this should be the name. I won't really know the answer to that either way, but I'll let you know which one we go with.

Back at the hotel, we caught a bit of a nap before getting cleaned up for a stroll along the river and dinner at Naha.

And we finished off the overnight with "breakfast" (at like 11:30) the next day! 

I definitely love life just the two of us Seth Michael, but I have a feeling it's about to get even better!

August 16, 2012

Shower Part II: Work

Shower number two took place over lunch at work on July 17. Complete with a green and pink "Sweet Pea" theme, my work friends and division colleagues gathered for catering from Uncle Julio's Fine Mexican and present opening. To top things off, guests could complete a Sweet "P" crossword puzzle and eat pea in a pod cupcakes for dessert. 

For more of Kim's awesome creations, check out .

Thank you Kim, Natalie, and Jamie. You ladies are the best!