October 31, 2012

Hannah "Peas" First Halloween

Pumpkin Carving

How we want you to think Hannah felt naked in a pumpkin.
How Hannah actually felt.

Fall Party


October 7, 2012

One Month

I can't believe Hannah is already one month! The time has gone fast, but I love getting to know this girl more as the days go by. Here is a little bit about Hannah:

  • She was born with a full head of beautifully brown hair that is now beginning to shed and lighten.
  • Her eyes are grey, and everyday I go back-and-forth as to whether they will be blue or brown.
  • Born at 7lbs, 6oz, Hannah now weighs 9lbs, 9oz. We like to call her "Chunky" (while it's okay to do so).
  • She loves bath time.

  • She hates a wet diaper and is less likely to cry if it's poopy.
  • When she cries, she's either hungry, wet, or needs to burp. She's that good of a baby.
  • Evenings tend to be her time to eat and poop repeatedly.  Like a few times an hour.
  • She doesn't like laying on her stomach. Tummy time doesn't last long.
  • A smile usually means she's about to "push one out".  At least we get a smile!

Newborn Photo Session

At 15 days old, my sister was in town and took some newborn photos of Hannah. Here are some of my favorites.

Post Delivery (in Pictures)