April 18, 2012

It's a...

Baby! Sorry, you'll just have to wait a bit longer to find out what "it" is. But I do promise you this, they baby is no "it." He/she is an absolutely perfect 10 oz baby with all fingers and toes. 

Seth and I had been anticipating April 17 for a long time, especially over the last two weeks and we had to remind ourselves that there was really no point in speculating what we thought "it" is. "Well it's not a bowl of spaghetti," Seth would say. 

My appointment was at 4:30 PM and never has the doctors office been so full of people. Of course they were running late, of all days. We didn't get into the ultrasound room until about 5:00 as the anticipation was mounting. Although gender was on the forefront of our minds, we were excited to see a formed baby for the first time and hear that the baby is doing well in his/her cocoon. Seth held onto my hand as I watched the monitor with tear filled eyes and cheeks.

The ultrasound tech did a bit of looking around, but before taking any extensive measurements, she went to take a peek at the goods since I'm sure she sensed our anxiousness. I was convinced that we wouldn't have any trouble since prior visits to the doctors office I was told I had a little active one. This time however, our little babe was content in a single position holding onto his/her feet and covering the goods (or lack there of) with those little hands. "We'll come back to it."

After a good 10 minutes of head, leg, kidney, spine measurements, and a check to see there was no cleft lip or an umbilical cord in the way, we got back to it. With no success.

Now is no time for games little one. Stop playing with your toes!

Thankfully the ultrasound tech was kind enough to suggest we take a look again after I meet with the doctor (and pop some sugar, drink cold water and do some jumping jacks).

Seth took me aside after using the drinking fountain to pray that the Lord would help this little one budge. He pleaded that we would walk away today knowing whether we would be having a little boy or little girl.
After nearly another hour of waiting for literally two minutes with the doctor, we waited another few minutes to get back into the ultrasound room around 6:20 (noting Seth had now needed to use the bathroom for the third time since leaving work). While the baby still had his/her hands blocking our view momentarily, it wasn't long before we were told "___'s a kicker!"

The gender and our reaction will be posted next weekend (April 28) following our gender reveal party this weekend with Seth's family and some friends, a cupcake reveal next week with my coworkers, and another mini reveal when we see my parents in Florida next weekend. Yes, I know. Way to jump on the trendy bandwagon.

April 3, 2012

Oh the Suspense

It's killing me. I'm ready to find out if this baby is a boy or girl and also ready for him/her to make his/her kicking debut (and stop having to use boy/girl, him/her, his/her)! Things have just been pretty quiet and non-eventful lately. Too quiet and non-eventful. I never experienced another hot flash, my baby belly is making its appearance rather slowly, and I'm still not craving anything too crazy...although I did just order a salad, sushi roll (cooked of course) and french fries for dinner the other night (they just all sounded good), and a Milky Way fun size continues to make it into my lunch each day.

Gender. Nearly three out of four people say girl. Not for any reason in particular but rather that they just look at me and see girl. I thought everyone would guess boy since "Pietrini's only have boys," but not so much. And I think they just about have me convinced. All I really have to go off of is what people say and any old wives tales I'm experiencing, which seem to point more toward girl. This mama really has no idea. No intuition. No gut feeling. No "I just know."

I don't have the faintest clue if this baby is a boy or girl. 

And my dream last night didn't give me any clarity. I went to get my ultrasound while Seth went somewhere else to get my ultrasound (not sure how that works, but hey, this is a dream). Mine showed that I am going to have a girl but Seth's showed I'm going to have a boy. 

Could this mean twins? Kidding.

I think about my baby constantly; more than I ever would have expected. But all I picture is a little body with a blurred face. I'm ready to picture pink or blue, dolls or trucks, cheerleading or football, coffee or video games.

Boys and girls are just so different. (Super insightful, huh?) So my thoughts are going to just be so different. And actually, I don't really know what they are going to be like once I know because I just can't really picture one or the other at this point.

Baby, what are you (you know what I mean)? Are you even in there? A jab or poke would be nice. I would also settle for a flutter.