April 29, 2013

First Swim/Surprise 30th for Daddy/Dedication

This past weekend was a big weekend for us and Hannah. Not only was Hannah dedicated, but my family was in, Hannah went swimming for the first time, and we threw a surprise 30th birthday party for Seth. This big weekend happened all while in the middle of packing to move in a week.

My parents drove in from Minnesota on Friday and Sarah, Peter, and Elora flew in. My parents arrived first and in time for dinner, so we ate at the condo and hung out until the Morrow's arrived. The boys went to airport for pickup while the girls stayed back so I could feed Hannah. Since the visitors were staying at a hotel for the weekend and I didn't want to wait until Saturday to see the Morrow's, my mom and I packed up Hannah, fully expecting she would fall asleep in the car for the night, and headed over to the hotel to meet everyone.

Hannah hasn't been liking the car lately. She used do so well in the car, enjoying looking out the window - paci in mouth - until her eyelids got heavy and she fell asleep for the remainder of the ride. This particular evening I thought for sure she would fall right asleep since it was her bedtime anyway. Instead, she fussed and cried the whole way.

I worried we would have a cranky baby at the hotel while we visited, but I was wrong. Hannah was more excitable than ever. Not only did Hannah seem to be energized by all the people in the one tiny hotel room (I think we have an extrovert on our hands), she was mesmerized by Elora, watching her wherever she went and laughing at everything she did. We all had so much fun watching and laughing at Hannah, we were all glad she didn't fall asleep!

The next morning, we headed back over to the hotel for a day of hanging out and swimming.

Getting stretched and ready to go!

The "plan" for the evening was to drop the girls off at Seth's parents while the rest of us went out to dinner for a belated celebration birthday for my mom.

Seth's birthday guests were instructed to arrive to the Pietrini's no later than 6:30 PM for the surprise. I had made "reservations" for 7:30 thinking that 6:40 would be an appropriate time to drop the girls off. The Guest of Honor didn't think this was early enough and proceed to arrange to have us out of the nearby hotel by 6!

Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

My dad made up an excuse that delayed us getting out of the hotel by over 15 minutes. Way to take one for the team Daddy-o. Seth's subtle annoyance and the fact that he was looking up the best way to get to the restaurant for dinner indicated he didn't have a clue about the impending surprise. My stomach was in knots. Unsure if it would stay that way and afraid a birthday guest would be arriving as we arrived.

As we drove down Marion Street, not a straggler was in sight. While some chatter did illuminate from the house at we approached, the birthday boy wasn't tipped off. Even when he opened the front door and saw the candy bar, he just assumed his parents had people over. Then, SURPRISE!

It was a success. And best yet, he had notta clue. 

Then on Sunday, April 28, Seth and I publicly dedicated Hannah to the Lord in front of our church congregation at The Compass Church in Naperville. It was a blessed service being surrounded by our families, and we are extra thankful that Pastor Dale Hummel performed the dedication service. It's the last he will perform at The Compass. (Dale is moving to Minnesota, of all places, to pastor at Wooddale Church. Minnesota, you are getting a good one!)

Baby dedication is about publicly declaring that we will raise Hannah according to God's Word and that we seek to instill in her faith in our Lord Jesus.

We shared that our hope for Hannah is that she comes to faith in Christ at a young age and continually seeks to gain a deeper understating of who God is. We pray that she models Christ to those around her and boldly shares the Good News with others.

The verse we chose for Hannah was Hebrews 10:22-24:

“Let us draw near to God with a sincere heart and with the full assurance that faith brings, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and having our bodies washed with pure water. Let us hold unswerving to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful. And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.”

Following the service everyone came back to our condo (the last hurrah!) and we dined on Lou Malnati's and leftover dessert.

April 5, 2013

Separation Anxiety Begins

For the first time, Hannah showed signs of being upset as I was leaving for work today. When I handed her off to the nanny and began putting my coat on, she began to whimper. I went to her for one last kiss goodbye, and she leaned into me to take her. I took, but couldn't help thinking what terrible timing for this stage to begin; I leave for Spain in six days.

I knew travel for work was inevitable and wouldn't be easy for me, but I wasn't expecting Hannah to already understand Mommy leaving. On the bright side, I will be gone just four days on this first trip, but I'm gone nonetheless.

When I arrive home this evening, Hannah was happy and happy to see me, but that was only because she was held most of the day due to her fussiness. This is not like my baby. I scooped Hannah up, but she wouldn't let me put her down without fussing for about a half hour.

I do have to admit, it's kinda sweet. She loves me.

All this leaves me wondering how the both of us are going to be when I leave. While this part may be difficult, saying goodbye, and being gone, aren't actually what I'm most worried about. I'm most worried about how she will respond to me when I return. Will she be excited? Or will she be reclusive?

In an effort to help soften both my worry and potential for a rude welcome home, I will be creating video messages for Seth to play for Hannah. I also hope to Skype while gone, and thankfully I'm gone over a weekend so the timing works out to connect.  

I'm sure going to miss you my sweet Hannah Rose (and Daddy too of course).

April 3, 2013

Seven Months

At seven months...

You're not the easiest model anymore, at least not lying down

Your're such a drooler.

You've become more of a cuddler.

You're so flexible. 

Yes, those are Hannah's feet just under her chin!

You love to "wag" your leg.

You still have not graduated to sleeping in a crib.

Watching Daddy clean the windows to get ready to show our condo.

Your favorite thing to do lately is sit and make yourself bounce.

We sometimes have to try so hard to get even just a little giggle, but...

You still never fail to give a smile when you get smiled at.

We're pretty sure you understand who "Mommy" is. 

Your new nickname is "Little Tornado," courtesy of Gladys. 

I also love to call you "Munch".
(Short for munchkin)

You know what "all done" means. 
(You relax when Daddy says it after putting ointment in your left eye.)

You finally flipped over from your back to your tummy. Finally. Once.

You mostly move in circles on your belly, but you just started moving backwards.

You started at the PJ's. Got stuck at the chair.

You love cell phones and my orange Camelback.

You eat like a trooper, and just cut a bottle feeding.

You pinch. Hard.

You like to grab and pull Mommy's hair, and eat her face.

Your right top tooth in! That makes three.

And you're already driving!

And just so you know...

On weekends, we tuck you in our bed with us after your 6:30 a.m. feeding so you'll fall back asleep and let us sleep until at least 9:00.

I scroll through pictures of you at work everyday. 
Because I truly think you are the cutest/most beautiful baby in the world.