December 28, 2011


I'm finally convinced. It did take another positive on a third type of home pregnancy test, but I'm finally there. I just somehow couldn't believe the faint second line I received the last two days and reading article after article online saying, "Any line, no mater how faint means positive,really meant I was pregnant. And I just didn't feel pregnant - as though I should know how that feels. 

Today I am actually noticing a few minor symptoms. I'm taking more trips to the bathroom and things are starting to feel a bit tender. 

So how long do I have to wait until I get to tell family and friends? I guess technically I got to tell two people today: the BCBSIL rep and the receptionist at Women's Health First to make my first prenatal appointment (January 16). I have already planned how I am going to tell my family. I  just need a little help from Baby Elora Morrow...

December 26, 2011

I Might be Pregnant

Yesterday, Christmas Day, I took a pregnancy test in the morning and evening. The results: a faint second line. Since I wasn't convinced I was actually pregnant, I didn't mention it to Seth and took another test this morning. The result: another faint second line. 

I contemplated telling Seth today or waiting until I tested with a more definitive line, but since it was our morning to share Christmas together, I went ahead. After opening each others gifts, I told Seth I had one more thing for him. I grabbed the latest test from the bathroom, hid it from sight, and told him not to get too excited. Seth's sarcastic response, "You might be pregnant." I pulled out the test and said, "So I might be pregnant."

We hugged, we smiled and laughed. I cried. And Seth prayed over our probable little pea. We are joyful to find out we are expecting a baby of our own during the time we remember and give thanks for the birth of our Lord and Savior.