January 30, 2013

All Worth It

Getting up 30-45 minutes earlier before work every morning means I get to spend our first waking moments together.  
Worth it.

Feeding you for hours each day reminds me to slow down and spend time with you. 
Worth it.

Lengthening my commute by 20 minutes each work day is okay because I get to be with you longer and see you sooner. 
Worth it.

Crying over touching commercials and stories about babies/children happens more often affirms in me the sanctity and preciousness of life. 
Worth it.

Getting spit up in my hair and drool on my face makes me to laugh at what seems unlaughable . 

Worth it.

Taking breaks at work to pump express milk lends me the knowledge that I'm helping protect you from illness and allergies, and may even be boosting your IQ (not to mention help me lose the baby wight). 
Worth it.

January 21, 2013


As anticipated, Friday's transesophageal echocardiogram detected no blood clots, or risk factors for blood clots.

So what do we conclude? 

Well, I'll at least tell you what I conclude. Emergency room take two was just as the high risk pregnancy doctor suspected - an abnormal migraine. That or I simply experienced one of the many perplexing side effects of the pregnancy condition.

We'll see what the neurologist has to say next Tuesday and waste yet another $40 copay...

January 14, 2013

Putting My "TIA" to Rest

If you haven't been following my blog earlier than about about half way through my pregnancy, or if you have an simply have forgotten about my second trip to the emergency room when pregnant, I don't blame you. Seeing pictures and updates of Hannah Rose are much more exciting. But for the few and far between that have been asking about follow-up post pregnancy, the last test to find out if I'm actually susceptible to blood clots and/or stroke is Friday. My Protein C levels in my blood are still a bit low post-pregnancy, but I'm still not considered deficient.

My test on Friday will commence with an eight-hour fast followed by a two-hour period in "twilight" while doctors perform a transesophageal echocardiogram. For those of you that have no idea what this means, I will basically have a probe passed down my esophagus (thus the fast) to get a clearer image of my heart. This compares to the non-invasive echocardiogram - like an ultrasound of the heart - I received during pregnancy when "twilight" wasn't an option. The goal here, as I understand it, is to check out the left atrium for blood clotting, which may have caused my "TIA".

Am I nervous (for the results)? Not a pinch. The whole reason for placing TIA in "quotes" is because I'm not at all convinced I actually had a TIA incident. I think the high-risk pregnancy doctor was right (see Doctors, Doctors & More Doctors); I think the numbness and aphasia I experienced was an atypical migraine. 

In the event something abnormal from the transesophageal echocardiogram is found, the results will likely conclude whether I need to continue my daily regime of taking Baby Asprin, and will likely sentence me to Lovonox/ Heparin injections for the full duration of subsequent pregnancies. 

If so, it will be worth it.

Because even after months of giving myself daily injections, and not-to-mention my struggle mid-pregnancy with breathlessness,  the difficult times have been quickly forgotten and the reward is well worth the trial. I mean, just look at this Cheese:

January 3, 2013

Four Months: Daddy's Little Girl

It's about 99.9% certain that we've got ourselves a brown eyed girl. So she's officially all Daddy, as if we didn't know already. Check out all our newborn photos.

This past month Hannah had several firsts. Hannah had her first cold (and also her second). Hannah celebrated her first Christmas. (It was last year Christmas Day I found out I was pregnant.) We heard Hannah's first giggles. Hannah also received her first non-generic nickname: The Cheese. How? I was singing along with Hannah's musical lamb to "The Farmer in the Dell." At the end I sang, "Hannah stands alone. Hannah stands alone..." So Seth said, "Hannah, are you The Cheese?" It stuck. She's The Cheese.

But most exciting, Hannah first rolled over!

The first to witness was Grandma P. on December 17 when watching her during the day while Seth and I were at work. Hannah was a bit startled by it when she landed abruptly from her stomach to back. I was sad to have missed it, but I already had accepted the fact I may miss some of Hannah's firsts with my decision to go back to work. I'll get over it. And it's not like we had lost our chance to see it. I knew there would be a next time.

The following weekend, we got our chance. Not only did we get to witness this feat, but since we were in Minnesota for Christmas, Grandma and Grandma Miller, Sarah, and Peter also got to see Hannah roll over. We all erupted in cheers, so much so that Sarah had to quiet us down since Elora was taking a nap. In case Hannah would do it again, I whipped out my camera. Sure enough, when I put her back on her stomach, she flipped onto her back once again. Check out the footage:

To close, Daddy said the sweetest thing yesterday: "I have never smiled so much in my life. Because I always want to make her smile."