February 14, 2013

Not So Happy Valentine's Day

I managed get a few minutes between Hannah's fussiness tonight by popping in a Baby Mozart video. Hannah is sick. And not just the little stuffiness she has had three times already this season. (Yes, she's sick for the FOURTH time.) This bout has really taken a hold of her. Her poor nose is constantly full, and raw from all the times we have sprayed, wiped, and suctioned it. Her sleep isn't so sound between coughing and sneezing. Poor girl.

Hannah started not feeling well Sunday. With just a little stuffiness and coughing, we still took her into daycare on Monday. Half way though the day I got a call about her not feeling well, and even after being with Grandma P on Tuesday, she was in no position to go to daycare Wednesday or Thursday. So Seth and I have each taken a day to stay home with her. I got today. Valentine's Day.

Little One, I am so sorry you don't feel well. But I hope you know that your mommy and daddy love you very much and would do anything for you. In honor of Valentine's Day, here are some of the things we love about you.

We love your SMILE! When you smile, you don't just grin. You give us a wide open mouth and smile with your whole body. Even when you're sick, we can still squeeze out smiles.

We love your giggles.

We love bath time with you. We love watching you love the water, and we love us a naked baby. That belly of yours kills us every time.

We love when you reach up and touch our face. It's so fun to interact with you. And we don't mind when you pinch and scratch.

We love when you are looking at us (mostly Daddy) from far away and smile when we look back at you.

We love how pretty you are. Sometimes we can't handle the cuteness. But it does make us worry about boys later on.

We (okay I) love your brown eyes. I was hoping they would be brown, because they remind me of Daddy.

We love talking to you. Probably because this is one of your favorite things.

We love falling asleep with you. You feel so good in our arms.

We love watching you roll over. We're seeing it more and more and you're getting pretty good at it.

We love that if we have to get ready for the day and you are awake, you are content to hang out in your bed and watch us get ready.

Hannah Rose, we love you not because of what you do, but because you are our daughter and a child of God. Al that said, it doesn't hurt that your also such a good baby. Thanks for being awesome.

February 4, 2013

Five Months

So what's new at five months?

Hannah has teeth! The bottom two have sprouted and now she loves sticking her tongue out to feel them.

Hannah reaches for everything. She's so good at picking things up.

Hannah loves "The Wheels on the Bus." She cracks up when I sing it to her.

Hannah must be far-sighed, or just likes to look at what's across the room. You can be holding her, and even talking to her, but she always seems more interested in someone or something else.

Hannah didn't see Mommy OR Daddy all day for the first time. Hannah was with the Pietrini grandparents this weekend while we attended the high school youth group retreat.

What's the same at five months?

Hannah just keeps getting chunkier. My favorite chunks are on her thighs, wrists, and cheeks!

Hannah is as drooly as ever - she practically spits!

Hannah is as smiley as ever. She'll shoot you a smile every time you smile at her. It's the giggles that are a challenge. 

Seth and I are still crazy in love with her. We miss her when she's away and we're always excited to see her.

Coming up next month: half way to one and starting on solids!