December 26, 2012

December 20, 2012

A Tribute to Grandma & Grandpa Miller

Yesterday, I was thinking about Hannah's future and what kind of mom I am going to be. I couldn't help but reflect on the many things I am so thankful to my parents for, many of which I may or may not have thanked them for or do they realize their impact on where I am and who I am today. So, this post is a special tribute to Grandma and Grandpa Miller.

Thank you Mom for bearing the pain of my delivery. Maybe next time I'll get it right back at me. Maybe.

Thank you Mom and Dad for understanding my curiosity as a child. 

Thank you Mom for rocking me in the chair when I was feeling sad.

Thank you Dad for blow drying my hair (and slicking it back like I was a boy; I didn't mind) after you gave me a bath. That was always so special.

Thank you Mom for listening to my tears and putting me in daycare with Jan only. 

Thank you Dad for letting me tag along with you when you did the "big shopping" at the grocery store. I'm sure I didn't make things faster or easier, especially when I ran over your heel. (Sorry!)

Thank you Dad for taking me on dates. My favorite was always watching planes take off at the airport. You helped exemplify the kind of man I should marry. And God only knew that I would be traveling the world and spending long hours in airports and on planes.

Thank you Mom for letting me crawl in bed with you and night, eat Cheetos, watch the news, and fall asleep. Thanks Dad for carrying me back to my own bed.

Thank you Mom and Dad for encouraging me to play soccer even though I ended up on a different team than my friends. I must have liked it because I played for several more years.

Thank you Mom for driving my friends and me to Camp Shamineau when we easily could have taken the bus. Perhaps you understood the importance of getting there early to secure our bunks.

Thank you Dad for putting up with all the girliness in the house. You are good with girls, but I guess you've had a lot of practice (two sisters, two daughters, and now two granddaughters).

Thank you Mom for sitting outside the pool at the YMCA while I swam laps in middle school.

Thank you Dad, I mean Chef Ronaldo, for cooking and serving the fancy dinner at my 11th birthday party.

Thank you Mom for the many hours spent at Caribou. You are the best listener, and it's there that I have learned so much about you. I always look forward to Caribou...and Pancheros.

Thank you Mom and Dad for being my biggest cheerleader. You made it to all the football and basketball games I cheered at that you could. And thank you Dad for being one of the videographers. I never minded having you around.

Thank you Mom and Dad for paying for all my gas in high school. I was thankful for that freedom, and I always had a car to get to work, school, church, cheerleading practice, friends' houses...and the mall.

Thank you Mom and Dad for trusting me. I really was a good kid.

Thank you Mom and Dad for the many sacrifices you made to allow me to go to Taylor. I have no doubt that is where the Lord wanted me to be. 

Thank you Dad for sending me a computer a month into school. I needed it.

Thank you Mom and Dad for going down to one car so I could have transportation at Taylor to drive to my internship - the reason I have the job I have today. And not only did you give me a car, you gave me the nicer car. That Blue Alero was good to me.

Thank you Dad for biking alongside me while I ran 10 miles in preparation for my half marathon. You helped me pull through.

Thank you Mom for all you did to help me plan my wedding down to the last detail. I can't believe you and Dad even drove from church to the reception just to make sure the invitation directions were correct.

Thank you Mom and Dad for showering me, Seth and our baby-to-be with many gifts and for coming out to Chicago for a shower and her birth. Sorry you had to endure Labor Day traffic!

Thank you for loving Hannah even before she was born. And don't worry, I'm not offended if you're more excited to see her. I would be too.

Most of all, thank you for raising me in the ways of the Lord and being a part of my coming to Christ. I pray that I can be the kind of parent you exemplified to my Hannah.

December 3, 2012

Our Chatter Box at 3M

Month three has been a lot like two, just more of it. More smiles, more "talking," and more chunkiness (now 13lbs). And bonus: Hannah's now sleeping 10 hours at night!

If I were to ask you what animal you think Hannah looks like, what would you say? I asked Seth this same question a few weeks ago with one in mind. Seth replied, "a mouse." That's the animal I had in mind exactly. So she's our little mouse.

Enjoy some pictures of Hannah this month!
Hangin' by the campfire
Our little Hannah Bear
A special visit with Grandma
A throw back from when I was a baby
Being so stinkin' cute at bath time

On another note, I'm beginning to get antsy to move. Before pregnancy and during pregnancy I had no desire. I love our place, and I hate moving. But now that Hannah has nearly outgrown her portable sleeping quarters and the crib will either be set up in our dining room or bedroom, a lose-lose, I'm ready for her to have her own room and more space for our expanding demands. With Seth soon-to-be-working in Downers Grove, me working in Oak Brook and church in Naperville, our likely relocation location will be near Ogden & 355.