July 29, 2013

South Carolina

The highlight of the month was a week vacation in South Carolina with the Pietrini's. While this is our seventh year on the Isle of Palm, the week was like none other with not one but two babes in tow for the first time.
Because we figured the babies wouldn't do well on at 16 hour car ride, and considering the mounds of extra stuff we need to bring to SC with us this time around, they boys (a.k.a. Seth, Jim, and Nathan) drove themselves and the "stuff" while the girls flew with the babies.
Always pointing that finger

We still managed to fly with all kinds of stuff. 

Hannah is obsessed with Waylon, in case you didn't gather this from the pictures. Most of the time, Waylon could care less about paying attention to or playing with Hannah. Hannah, on the other hand, follows Waylon around, chases him thinking it's a game (really he just wants away from her), and she can't keep her hands off of him...and his hair! 

Enjoy just a fraction of the pics taken during the week!

"Check me out ladies!"

This is the best we got in their matching outfits.

It is perfectly acceptable to toss your babies in a Pack 'n Play at a restaurant right?

Sleepy beach baby

Sleepy beach baby and sleepy beach babe.

Thanks Grammy & Grandpa for a great week!