October 18, 2013

10 Things

1. If I play with you on the floor, you pause what you are doing every few minutes to come give me a hug. Although you are affectionate, you need your space when you're upset after getting hurt.

2. A few weeks ago, Seth and I were in the kitchen while you were playing in the living room (or so we thought). It suddenly got quiet so we came looking for you. We found you in the bathroom, looking innocent, until we noticed your wooden groceries in the garbage can...wet. There was only one way that happened. We didn't know whether to be disgusted or impressed.

3. You stood up from the ground unassisted and went right into a walk for the first time (with complete ease) on Tuesday (October 15).

4. You are shy at first when you are around new people. You are perfectly capable of standing and walking, for example, but you curl up your legs when you're around new people and I'm trying to set you down. When at the park and other kids come playing, you freeze your activity and will sit and watch them for as long as I let you. When the kids get nearby, you quietly and shyly say, "hi".

5. You are a brave girl when it comes to slides. Day #2 going down slides at the park you could do it all by yourself.

6. You are a Mama's girl. If I am in close proximity you will reach for me, even if Dada has you. While true, you say Dada much more than Mama. "Mama" takes some prompting. (Side note, today was a hard day leaving you to go to work. You know the routine, and are sad even before I have to say goodbye. Needless to say, I was late for work since I squeezed in extra hugs.)

7. You have become quite opinionated. You used to be much more easy going but have come to understand and make use of the word "no," which you say firmly like a German.

8. You mimic well, and that's why I think you're so smart and verbal. I particularly like having yelling wars. You even yell when you watch the video of you with Waylon on his birthday. And yesterday,while reading one of your colors books, you said "car" for the first time!

9. Speaking of Waylon, you have a minor obsession with him. All day long we hear "Way Way, Way Way." You know there are pictures on Dada's iPad and Mama's phone of Waylon, so every time you see them we always hear "Way Way, Way Way" and you reach up for us to pick you up to show you pictures of your Way Way.

10. You are a rock star sleeper. Only once in our new home, two days in, have you woken up in the middle of the night. You are so easy to put down, and you're still taking two solid naps (8:45 AM for approximately two hours and 2:30 PM for over two hours). 

October 10, 2013

Hannah's 1st Birthday/Housewarming Party

With Hannah's birthday just days after we moved into our new home and anticipating a house-warming party in the foreseeable future, we decided to combine the two by postponing Hannah's 1st birthday bash by a month.

After scrambling to get the house all unpacked but no attempt made to fill all the empty room, the party was held on Saturday, October 4. 

Of course no party is complete without the Miller/Morrow clan. The Minnesota gang came in two days prior to help get things ready (and do some pre-party partying). So here are some pics from the few days prior.

Helping open your gifts is what cousins are for, right?

Hannah loves her Papa.

Party Day!
Special thanks to Maria and Dana!

Learned Paint.NET and the difference a chalkboard pen can make.  
I steal all my ideas from Pinterest.

Babies and babies and more babies! Keep em' coming!
Ofalia Rose and Hannah Rose with their mommies.

Grill master on his new grill.

Three gens

With my Ignite girls!

Grammy & grandpa with the three grandchildren for the first time!
Let's really get this party started.

You'll get it on your own next time.
Always so good at sharing.
Hannah couldn't decide who she loved more, Steve or Jonny.

Hannah's very own classic Radio Flyer (for now)!
Rides with Hunter

The new parents!
What are you kids getting into? Oh, it's just root beer.
Christmas Card Photo Option #1
Christmas Card Photo Option #2
We had such a great time celebrating Hannah and sharing our new home. And the rain held off just long enough for most to finish their meal inside or out! Seth and I decided however, we never want do this again. Never want and never will though, are two different things.